Bridal hair stylist available at The Beauty Bar

Bridal hair stylist available at The Beauty Bar

Bridal hair stylist available at The Beauty Bar

Your wedding is such an exciting time and you’ll want it to be a fun and happy experience. Let The Beauty Bar … ‘take the stress out of choosing your dress’!

Wouldn’t you love to relax in the knowledge that you’ll be wearing the perfect dress, makeup and accessories for your colouring, body and face shape as you walk down the aisle?

Come and experience a Full Bridal Consultation at The Beauty Bar… we’ll make sure you look stunning on your wedding day!

We welcome you with a glass of ‘bubbly’ and then the fun begins… In the first half of your session we analyse your best colours, based on your skin tone, hair and eye colour.

Special attention is given to choosing the right shade of dress, be it white, cream or bright red! There are so many shades of every colour… even white! We can show you the one that is best for you.

You’ll then enjoy having your makeup done in shades that flatter you, and we can show you how to apply a special wedding day makeup.

Finally (the bit you’ve been waiting for…), we focus on what style of wedding dress will suit you best.

If you already have your dress, don’t worry, we can decide the most flattering way for you to wear it. Hairstyle, accessories and a few little ‘tweaks’ can make a world of difference!

Whether it’s your wedding dress, going-away & honeymoon outfits or just a fabulous pair of jeans and the ‘right’ T shirt… we’ll show you how to be confident and happy with your beauty & fashion shopping as you get ready for your ‘Big Day’.

Go home from your bridal consultation, knowing that ‘you’ve got it right’ and there’s no need to worry… you will be a beautiful bride!